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The Gomatos Collection is particularly rich in travelogues, memoirs of travel, and accounts of voyages of varying degrees of fictionality. Among the Gomatos holdings in this category are Le grand voyage du pays des Hurons (1632), Voyage to Arabia the Happy (1726), German Spy: In Familiar Letters (1738), Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy (1741), Travels in the Interior of Brazil (1822), and more.

Items in the Travels & Voyages Collection

The eight volumes of letters writ by a Turkish spy
Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy marks the beginning of the espionage narrative vogue of the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century. Publication of the first volume sparked a wave of imitations, including Ned Ward’s The London Spy,…

A voyage to Arabia the Happy
Originally published in French under the title Voyage de l’Arabie Heureuse, La Roque’s travel narrative of his exploits in Arabia combines with a history of the coffee trade in this English translation of A Voyage to Arabia: the Happy. La…

The German Spy
First published in 1738, The German Spyis an English travel narrative writtnen in the epistolary form from the perspective of an English spy. The work's preface serves as an attempt to convince the reader of the authenticity of the letters, a claim…