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The Gomatos Collection has a varied selection of poetry, ranging from single-author works to anthologies compiled for the purposes of education or…

Society, Economics, Culture


This collection includes essays, studies, and satires reflecting on the society, economics, and culture of their times.

Science and Experimentation

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Readers interested in the history of scientific thought and experiments meant to discover the elements and workings of the natural world will find an…

Manuscript Leaves


The Gomatos Collection has a small number of manuscript leaves dating from the 12th-15th centuries.

19th Century British Novels


The Gomatos Collection contains Romantic and Victorian-era British novels (at least one in a serialized format), as well as materials related to such…

Children's Literature

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The children's literature in the Gomatos Collection dates from the 19th and 20th centuries, and includes several editions of Lewis Carroll's Alice…

Race, Slavery, and Abolition


The Gomatos Collection contains several works on race, slavery and abolition in Britain, the Caribbean, and America. The collection's holdings include…

Travels & Voyages


The Gomatos Collection is particularly rich in travelogues, memoirs of travel, and accounts of voyages of varying degrees of fictionality. Among the…